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  • We have an inexhaustible supply of enthusiasm to chase our dream,Numerous approaches to our dreams

    We have kept working hard to forge ahead for 9 years. We are well prepared whenever you need us.

    We have an inexhaustible supply of enthusiasm to chase our dream,Numerous approaches to our dreams
  • Dedicated to our services

    Our booth designs are intended to provide marketing for exhibitors.

    Dedicated to our services
  • Diligent in thinking and actions

    Self-gratification and slacking off are stumbling blocks on the way to success and greatness.

    Diligent in thinking and actions

Company Profile

 Shenzhen Vessi Exhibition Services Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010 with the registered capital of RMB 1 million. Over the past 9 years, as an exhibition service provider specialized in booth design and installation, we have provided services for a large number of exhibitions and trade shows in Shenzhen, Hong Kong, Macau, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Bangkok, New Delhi and other cities, themed by electronics, culture, household living, gifts, jewelry, machinery, security, technology, etc. We have a 6,000 m2 production plant, and have established a unique set of efficient operating standards for design, preparation and installation. Zero accident and amazing displays make us qualified for different awards and honors and also allow us to win trust of many customers and a good reputation in the industry.

 As an exhibition service provider, we are always customer oriented and have been making every effort to improve our service quality to make every customer assured, relieved and free of troubles. The exhibition design industry is highly homogenized today, so attention economy is the key to every trade show. We keep trying to remain innovative and strive to make every case a perfect combination of practical display, visual marketing and artistic atmosphere. In addition, we also engage ourselves in other businesses related to booth design like exhibition reservation, subsidy application, marketing & planning, and supporting facilities to provide one-stop exhibition service. Vessi makes exhibition easier!

10 Countries and regions
100 Exhibitions at home and abroad
500 Exhibitors
28000 Construction area(㎡)

 We strive to make every design as perfect as possible and unremittingly pursue improvement of marketing effect for each customer.

Creative & Customer-oriented Our senior designers will customize a creative exhibition plan best for you based on your needs, image, corporate culture and product features. More importantly, we will never copy plans or steal ideas from others!
One-to-One Service We provide one-to-one service throughout any exhibition, and offer solutions to your problems. We will respond to your request within half an hour and work as an efficient assistant for exhibitors.
Transparent PricingOur service is priced at a market rate and recorded in a detailed price sheet, in which you can freely add or delete service without any inappropriate charges.
Real-time FeedbackWe will designate an employee to follow up the work progress and inform you in a real-time manner of every detail from preparation to installation to avoid errors to the greatest extent and make exhibitors free of worries.
Full-course MaintenanceDuring the exhibition, a professional team will stay in the exhibition hall to deal with accidents or failure of booth or equipment at any time to ensure your participation free of troubles.
You can communicate with our customer service representative and submit your requirements for design.
We will complete the design in 2-3 days based on your requirements.
We will communicate with you on any adjustment to the plan as needed.
We offer you a quotation to the agreed plan and conclude a contract upon your confirmation.
We start preparation after receiving your advanced payment
We go to the exhibition hall for installation and you should make the final payment after completion.

You only need to confirm the design plan, and we will provide you with one-to-one service, including drawings submission, water and electricity application, tool renting, safety inspection and the like to work as a helpful exhibition assistant for you.

 We have signed cooperation agreements with dozens of hotels in different countries and regions. You can check in these hotels at the agreed favorable price as long as you make a reservation in advance. In addition to these, we also provide transportation, customs clearance, warehousing and transshipment services for overseas exhibitions.

Based on the customer-oriented philosophy, we provide elaborative booth design for your satisfaction.

Our achievements include......

Please contact the Customer Service or email us to info@vessi-expo.com for more information.

Our team

Alfred Wong

Design Director, who graduated from the Department of Environmental Art of Guangdong University of Technology, and has been engaged in exhibition design for more than ten years, won many national and provincial design awards and participated in the design of major projects such as heritage museums and municipal parks.

Bem Ng

Senior Designer, who graduated from Arts College of Jinan University (famous for the dean of Zhang Tielin, a well-known film & television artist), and has played an important role in many large exhibition companies before; radical creative thinking makes every piece of work fantastic and amazing to all of visitors.

Wendy Lau

Marketing Director, who has been engaged in sales management for many years with rich experience in team management and led our salespersons to make progress based on the “service-oriented” to form a professional sales team featuring preciseness, high quality and efficiency, and meticulousness.

Kim Leung

Engineering Director, who has ten-year experience in on-site management and is familiar with various materials, construction safety, cost budget and other respects and a walking advertisement for our company for his devotion to work and sincere service for customers.



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